Road Information

Spring finds the Shenango Township Public Works Department cleaning up winter storm damage and debris.  All streets are swept, stormwater lines checked, cleaned and repaired. Also, damage to township streets incurred during the winter months is repaired.

The Annual Resurfacing Program continues each summer as entire streets and/or sections of streets are resurfaced according to a yearly maintenance schedule and a yearly assessment of road damage to every township maintained street. In addition to street resurfacing, work at this time of year shifts into full swing with the improvement, enlargement and upkeep of township-maintained stormwater systems.

In the fall, all residents of Shenango Township are provided the opportunity of free-leaf pick-up on a scheduled basis.  Each year over a ton of leaves are collected and disposed of by the Public Works Department.

Naturally the biggest job of the winter is snow and ice removal. The Road Department has the equipment needed to handle the worst of Western Pennsylvania’s winters. The department prides itself on being able to maintain safe road conditions throughout the winter season.